Elifnur Mosque Carpet with 10 regional directorates, 700 dealers in Turkey, offers its customers a quality and desired carpet with an affordable price policy. Over 12 years of experience in the mosque carpet business, as well as offering high quality acrylic mosque carpets to our customers at home and abroad, special acrylic patterns have been designed for our mosques.

Acrylic yarn is the closest yarn type to wool due to its durability, soft and fullness among synthetic yarns. Acrylic Mosque carpets are preferred because of their color and pattern type and affordable price. In our mosques where cleanliness and hygiene are important, the use of acrylic patterns is increasing because they provide a great performance especially for easy cleaning and staining.

Acrylic patterns have a wide color range, have vivid colors and can retain this color for a long time. They are resistant to sunlight, the yarn has color fastness, colors do not fade in a short time. As with every product, acrylic carpets have advantages and also disadvantages. All of our products have anti-bacterial properties and they are registered brands of Elifnur Mosque Carpet. 100% Domestic Production.

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