Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Acrylic Mosque Carpet

Carpets vary with their usage areas, purposes, quality and features. Compared to 100% wool carpet mosque carpet, it has many common features.

Acrylic yarn is the closest yarn type to wool with its durability, softness and fullness among synthetic yarns. Acrylic Mosque carpet is preferred due to its color and pattern type and being economical.

In our mosques where cleanliness and hygiene are important, the use of acrylic mosque carpets, especially in terms of easy cleaning and stain-proofing, is increasing.

Acrylic Mosque carpet is resistant to frequent use, resistant to abrasion, does not make knee marks and does not deform in a short time. It is resistant to moisture, does not smell and can be used for many years.

Acrylic carpets have a wide range of colors; it has vibrant colors and can maintain this color for a long time. It is resistant to sunlight, the yarn has color fastness, colors do not fade in a short time.

As with any product, acrylic carpets have disadvantages besides their advantages. All our products have antibacterial properties.

Acrylic mosque carpets with the deep-rooted history of our company

10 regional offices, a network of 700 dealers spread with Turkey, Elifnur mosque carpets offers carpets that have quality and affordable price policy to the customers' desired trait. With our experience of mosque carpets for more than 12 years, besides providing quality acrylic mosque carpets to our customers at home and abroad, special patterns were designed for our mosques. You can look at our mosque projects completed until today from the references section on our page.


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