Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Even if the mosque, dormitory and prayer room carpets seem to be a visual product, comfort, hygiene, cleanliness, use, carpet color and carpet pattern are important, too.

The mosque is the place where the soul roots of values, which are from the world of faith to social relations, from the formation of awareness of servitude and responsibility to the construction of law, from education to art, from family to environment, to all areas of life, are combined. Although the mosques come with a simple image, there are elements that combine this magnificence, such as construction, tiles and mosque carpet. One of the most important accessories in mosques is the mosque carpets, so it should be carefully selected and considered as a whole. Each mosque has its own special carpet model. Sometimes mosque carpets with lines, mosque carpets with prayer rug, cored mosque carpets and sometimes woven mosque carpets welcome.

While choosing carpets, companies are also important. When choosing a carpet pattern, the features of being durable, easy to clean and hygienic depend on the product quality and it should be taken into consideration.

Mosque carpet material

When choosing the carpet, the yarn material used is important. The material used in the carpet should be taken into attention that

- Is it woolen mosque carpet?

- Is it acrylic mosque carpet?

- Is it a wool acrylic mix mosque carpet?

- Is it polypropylene mosque carpet?

Mosque carpet price

    Acrylic, wool, wool acrylic mix carpet prices vary on quality, yarn tightness, weight, hight of the loops and the yarn used.

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