How should the carpet of the mosque be cleaned?

Friday, March 1, 2019
How should the carpet of the mosque be cleaned?

The phrase “cleanliness comes from faith” is an earring in every Muslim's ear. Muslims are trained with this cleaning knowledge from a young age. Cleaning is frequently mentioned in the Qur'an. On the other hand, people who come to the mosque always come with clean clothes and enter the mosque after receiving ablution. For this reason, cleaning is always a priority in mosques that are very crowded. Likewise, hygiene and cleanliness of mosque rugs are also important.

It is worth noting that when it comes to mosque carpet cleaning, poor quality mosque carpets get dirty much more quickly, catch bacteria, wear out quickly and endanger the health of people.Quality mosque rugs do not easily absorb bacteria and dirt. However, they should be cleaned periodically and kept clean in a hygienic way. 

The Importance of Cleaning in Mosque Carpets 

Rugs are places where bacteria reproduce when not cleaned regularly. The mosque rugs, which are cleaned regularly despite being cleaned properly also carry risks. While cleaning the carpets, they should not hold moisture and should not remain moist for a long time. Bacteria reproduce in the moist region much faster and spread at the same speed. Mushrooms and mold can be seen in carpets that are constantly exposed to moisture and left wet after washing.

Mosques are places where people leave their shoes outside, and these bacteria can infect people's body. It poses a health hazard to people who perform their prayers while touching their foreheads, especially during prostration. The mosque carpets that are not cleaned keep the dust inside and people coming to the mosque have to breathe this dust. Breathing the same dusty air constantly can make people sick over time. It may cause other problems, especially respiratory problems.

Washing the mosque carpets regularly prevents them from wearing out in a short time. Mosque carpets can wear out over time. However, it is not good for mosque rugs to wear constantly and get damaged in a short time. Therefore, when purchasing mosque rugs, attention should be paid to its quality. 

Things to be Considered While Washing the Mosque Carpet

Cleaning materials used for cleaning the mosque carpet should be of high quality. Poor quality materials can cause wear and tear on the carpet.

Washing method and materials should be suitable according to the type of mosque carpet. For example; Since wool mosque carpet and acrylic mosque carpet have different features, the way they are washed should change accordingly.

It is important that the materials used while washing the carpets of the mosques do not cause allergies. Attention should be paid to this since it is not pleasant for people who come to the mosque to worship to experience allergies due to the carpet.

Finally, as we mentioned in our article, care should be taken not to keep the carpet wet or damp after cleaning.

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