How To Choose The Mosque Carpets

Monday, March 11, 2019
How To Choose The Mosque Carpets

Mosques are places that bring Muslims together and make them worship together. When you enter a mosque, you will feel tranquil from the architecture and the energy surrounding it. The interior design of the mosques was designed in accordance with this situation. There are mosque carpets that surround the interior.   It is simply planned. Thus, people who go to the mosque can focus on their worship more easily.

Mosque carpets, mosque carpet patterns and mosque carpet models are therefore very important. Since it is a common area and it is a place where people worship and get close to Allah, every detail should be considered from its quality to its design. So what should we consider when choosing mosque rugs? If you wish, let's take a look together.

Mosque Carpets Must Be Quality 

Mosques are the places where people visit intensely during the day. An unqualified mosque carpet can not handle this density and will wear out in a short time. Worn carpet can disturb people praying. In addition, it does not look good as it disrupts the integrity in terms of appearance. Attention should be paid to the loop density of the mosque rugs, the type of material used and its durability. 

Mosque Carpets Should Be Thick and Soft 

Mosques are places to pray and sit. The comfort of the people coming to the mosque should therefore be taken into consideration. A thin mosque rugs easily pass cold and wear easily. A hard mosque carpet causes discomfort to those who spend time in the mosque. Therefore, when choosing mosque carpets, it is necessary to choose a thick and soft carpet.

 Mosque Carpet Must Be Conform to the Interior Architecture of the Mosque 

The selection of mosque carpet patterns is also important and changes according to the size of the mosques. For example, if you are looking for mosque rugs for a small mosque, we recommend choosing light colored rugs. In this way, you can have a more spacious and bright appearance and accurately reflect the peace in the mosque.

 Mosque Carpet Models Must Create Integrity 

Mosque carpet patterns should provide integrity.Confusion is eliminated if patterns that are compatible with each other are used in terms of both color and motif.

Thus, integrity is provided. In addition, since carpet motifs are cultural, motifs reflecting the culture can also be preferred upon request.

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