Mosque Carpets

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Mosque Carpets


The carpet of the mosque is called carpets that have a more dense weight compared to the products used in other areas, have a quality and long-lasting structure that will serve the worshipers in the best way, and possess alternative endless patterns and technical values.

Mosque carpets, which fall under the category of flooring material, are the first noticeable decoration when entering the mosque. What makes this décor beautiful are the pattern on the carpet, the quality of the thread and the eye-catching designs on the motif. Apart from covering the reinforced concrete floor, these carpets, which enable the community to worship comfortably, are produced from yarns from quality materials. The quality, often proportional to the texture of the carpet, manifests itself when touched.

The reason for the importance of quality in Mosque Carpet is due to the frequent use. Because these carpets, which thousands of people step on, must be quite durable and hygienic. Moreover, such carpets are usually bought once. Therefore, it is paid attention to be a long-lasting quality product.

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