Pure Mosque Carpet Features

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Pure Mosque Carpet Features

Pure mosque carpet model is the most preferred mosque carpet model.

As well as worship, the mosques, which are one of the rare places where people come together, are a place of worship for Muslims as well as a cultural heritage that tells about Islamic architecture and motifs.

Mosque carpets are one of the places to be considered in the mosques that offer us the Islamic culture in almost every plan, from dome to tile motifs, columns to fine pencil works.

Pure mosque carpet is an ideal carpet model for collective worship floor. The pure mosque carpet allows both the eye-catcher and the congregation to perform their worship by keeping the community more neat with its plain pattern models.

As Elifnur Mosque Carpets, we perform the flooring operations in a good way by offering the sale of pure mosque carpet model in desired quality, color and model to worship areas where peace, hygiene and layout  are important.

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